#4 First Look Package

Wondering if it's a daddy's girl or a momma's boy?  Settle the score once and for all with a guaranteed gender discovery! 

  • Available at 15 weeks till 20 weeks into pregnancy
  • 10 minute 2D ultrasound session
  • Sneak Preview of baby in 4D/HD ultrasound technology
  • Gender determination GUARANTEED!
  • Black & White 2D/4D photos
  • Theatre viewing for all your friends and family
  • Hear your baby's heartbeat
  • $10 off return visit for your 4D/HD ultrasound session
  • Add a CD with images from your session for $10
  • Add a DVD of your session set to music for $15


In many cases the images are incredible in their detail; however, the quality of the ultrasound is dependent on many factors including: the position of the baby, movement of the baby, size of the mother, placental location and amount of amniotic fluid. Due to the time required to perform these ultrasounds, no refund is offered as a result of these conditions. Please see our educational page to increase your odds of getting the best results.

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Parents approve!

My daughter had her 30 wks ultrasound and I was amazed at how much detail could be seen of Austin's expressions. Domannic was awesome and patient with the many family members that were there for the special event. Thank you for...Read more

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